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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Ode to Arrogance (Written at 16).

Quote of the day: "Let each man exercise the art he knows."- Aristophanes

Note: This was  originally written in my little composition notebook when I was 16, the summer before my senior year. I have posted this before, but when this blog was temporarily destroyed, all posts were lost. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I have found it, and here we go.

Ode to Arrogance

I see you.

I know you.

You sit in silence, spying the scene with cynical, sarcastic surveillance. Not always silent. Sometimes with uncomfortable humor that masks contempt. Sometimes engaging incompetents unknowingly, unwillingly, unmistakebly, in cowardly canted combat, vocabularically violent toward those who dim-wittedly draw your disdain.

I see them.

I know them.

Those who fearlessly swim. They fearlessly and thoughtlessly swim, though they are drowning in the tides of an ocean of intellectual poverty. They foolishly follow their forefathers, incorrectly assuming the actuality of the equation age + experience = intelligence. Nonsense.

They don't see you.

They don't know you.

They do not realize your potential because you keep it hidden; displayed only in flashes, like striking a match in the wind. There it is; there it goes. Well, what next, Biff? When will the wind die down? When will that flame of potential become a blaze of reality?

They don't see you, but I do.

They don't know you, but I do.

I am you.

So sayeth SinisterNinja

February 21, 2007   02:59 AM PST
I am so glad you decided to repost it. I'll update my favorite links shortly.
the jenster
February 20, 2007   07:14 PM PST
Insanely awesome.
February 20, 2007   03:05 PM PST
I am sadly not literati ... when I read Biff, I thought "Back to the Future."
February 20, 2007   11:57 AM PST
Thank you :)

Lol, yeah, Biff. I used to really like 'Death Of A Salesman.'
February 20, 2007   11:51 AM PST
I'm glad you got that back.

That's one heck of a piece of writing.

And at only 16.

I'm truly amazed.
J f Z
February 20, 2007   10:50 AM PST
February 20, 2007   10:38 AM PST
That is brilliant.

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