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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quote of the day: "It is a wise father that knows his own child."- William Shakespeare

     I have two daughters; Roselynn who is three, and Cheyenne, who is two, are two of my most cherished pieces of life. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and are so beautiful that you have to look at them a second time, just to make sure that your first reaction was correct. They can look strikingly similar at times, but I don't think I would mistake one for the other at any distance. They are as gorgeous as God's creatures can be, and I love them to no end.

     When I talk about them, I am proud to have them in my life, and my longing to see and spend time with them is apparent. I will love them and be there for them forever. I am their father, they love me, and they already trust more than anyone (except Mommy), evidenced by the fact that they will dive off of the couch or out of my arms, knowing that I will catch them, and nothing bad will happen to them.

     There is a dilemma, however, in talking about them. I am their father; my daughters call me 'Daddy,' and I will be responsible for them as they grow. I am not their biological father, though. I met Rosie and Chey-Chey's mother, Becky, when they were 22 months and 5 months, respectively, and I have been in their lives since. Though Becky and I are no longer together, we remain friends and parents. The dilemma, as I have said, is in talking about them.

     I talk about my daughters because I love them, as any parent would, but I sometimes feel like I should point out that I am not their biological father. It has nothing to do with trying to get a pat on the back or anything of the sort, but it seems people react to a man with two daughters, who is not married to or with their mother, as somehow being less of a father. They act like I must feel burdened, even that I made some type of mistake that I'm "owning up" to. I feel like I need them to know that I am responsible for them because I love them, and that they deserve a father who will be with them for as long as his life lets him, and will continue to love them for far longer. Maybe I don't need to say anything, but I feel like everyone should know that I love my daughters completely, without cause or consequence.

     That being said, GOD I love my little girls. I miss them every moment, and when I get to see them once or twice a week, it's just the best thing in the world. They are the funniest, goofiest little girls, and God are they beautiful. I just hope I can be who they deserve.

So sayeth SinisterNinja

J f Z
September 24, 2007   10:05 PM PDT
I'm relieved to know someone will be there with a shotgun or a sword of death in the future when the girls go off and break those apron strings.
September 24, 2007   07:33 PM PDT
I agree with Gloria. Sometimes the biological parents, dont even know how to treat their own children well. Speaking from victimized experience here mon.
Roselynn and Cheyenne should be lucky and blessed to have you in their lives.
September 24, 2007   04:13 PM PDT
Good For You!
September 24, 2007   03:44 PM PDT
Those are two very lucky little girls.

Way to be a MAN, Sinja.
September 24, 2007   03:19 PM PDT
Only those without compassion or humanity could believe blood and DNA -- sugars and proteins and organic fluids -- bind people. Love and trust, devoted willingly, makes true families.
September 24, 2007   10:42 AM PDT
Too adorable. You are a grand father :)
September 24, 2007   08:55 AM PDT
I think it's very admirable that Becky embraces your desire to remain a part of their lives.

I'm very happy for that. (:
September 24, 2007   03:56 AM PDT
Thanks for clarifying that. I know I was confused cuz I thought you were broke up but then figured you meant those girls, but maybe I'd missed some news. Iit's extremely rare that the man stays involved with the children after a relationship with the mother/girlfriend goes south. I admire that you are staying a constant source of support in their lives. I'm sure they need that. It's wonderful that you've recognized not maintaining a relationship with them would leave them unhappy and have put that as a priority in your life. I'm glad that Becky allows you to do that for the girls' sake. More people should be mindful of how relationships affect their children.

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