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Monday, October 08, 2007
Adventures in Laziness, with New and Improved Wheels.

Quote of the day: "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired."- Jules Renard

     I wish I had a digital camera right now. I could have shared this with you.

     If anyone wants an example of something wrong with this country, I could have shown you a line formed at the elevator here at my school. There were four or five people, all with backpacks ON WHEELS, waiting in line for the elevator. TO GO DOWN.


     Ok, so, maybe the stairs are inconvenient when you are such a lazy-ass that you have to use a backpack on wheels. I guess. All of these backpacks on wheels I see are smaller than the one I have ON MY BACK.

     Another interesting example is the existence of these elevators. The college I attend Is made up of about 15 buildings or so and each building has an elevator at both sides of the building. Each elevator is approximately 90 feet from another, and every building is connected at the third floor. There are only three floors.

     I'd like to pause, and repeat that for effect.

     There are only three floors.

     I'm glad that there is plenty of elevator access for people with disabilities, but I have so far counted three people who need the elevator for anything other than laziness, or staff using them to get a cart or something to a different floor. That's all fine and well, but seriously? You gotta wait in line at an elevator to traverse ONE or TWO floors?

     Sorry about all the CAPS. I think this is FUNNY and IRRITATING and I have HAD a LOT of CAFFEINE LATELY.


So sayeth SinisterNinja

October 10, 2007   09:07 PM PDT
Dood, I gotta admit, I'd have been one of the schmucks waiting at the elevator. However, my backpack wouldn't have had wheels. But it wouldn't have been because I'm lazy, it would have been because I'm usually a mindless sheep just following along with what everyone else is doing. Baaaa. I've become such a waste of space and oxygen since I was palling around with you guys all the time. What happened to me?!? I've become... complacent!

*humps you violently*
October 8, 2007   08:58 PM PDT
Funny indeed. I've already been facinated about elevators, seeing as there are so few of them in JA. It's too bad.
when I used to enter elevators in NY, I always think about it getting stuck of something. Horay for a disadvantage!

I don't think they're lazy I just think they're adjusted to the technology enough to be excessively dependent on it.
October 8, 2007   10:11 AM PDT
I love elevators and that is EXACTLY why my BUTT is so BIG.

October 8, 2007   07:18 AM PDT
When we were on vacation recently, we stayed on the third floor of the building.

The elevator was convenient and everyone was excited to use it.

I was the only one who kept demanding that we take the stairs.

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy because... OMG, THEY WERE ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BUILDING.

I didn't count steps it took to get there but I did use them often anyway.

And it couldn't have been more than 35 steps away.


You're so right. People are so lazy. SO lazy.

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