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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Recent "Maintenance."

Quote of the day: "We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."- Will Rogers

     Sorry for the delays, guys. Here's what happened:

     I was at Pete's Ice Cream Shoppe enjoying a root beer float (two straws) with rymza's mother, when I looked out the window and saw it: the Blog-Signal (think 'Bat-Signal' but it works in daylight.... I don't know, something with LEDs, I think Tim made it). I dashed from the table in quite a stir, accidentally spilling root beer and ice cream all over rymza's mother's brand-new poodle skirt, but she was ok with it since it was edible anyway.

     So I get to the new, state of the art "data center" (looks more like a treehouse, whatever) and found that it was OVERRUN WITH PIRATES. The damned heathens had Helpee, CBG, and Wee Man (from Jackass) tied up with swords to their throats forcing them to answer the endless emails, trouble tickets, and phone calls from the total idiots who don't know how to handle intermittent delays for a blog publishing website (oh no what will my ADVERTISERS THINK??? I BRING BLOGDRIVE 100 THOUSANDS!!!).

     After my quick recon of the area, I got to work. *snap snap snap* was the sound of the day, similar to a heavy-man in work boots walking through the forest. You know, with the twigs and whatnot. Anyway, killing the pirates was easy, it's second-nature (to being AWESOME!) to me; the hard part was untying Helpee and CBG (I suck with knots). Wee Man was easy, turns out he wasn't tied up in the first place. After finally getting the "brain trust" freed to work on the servers, we all went to a strip club with money made off of rymza's free advertisement, then we bought sports cars and laughed at handicapped kids.

     So, seriously, what's up?

So sayeth SinisterNinja

J f Z
October 20, 2006   04:44 PM PDT
The Sinjanator ;)
October 18, 2006   01:10 PM PDT
3 little are awsome!
October 18, 2006   09:29 AM PDT

I seriously do wish I understood the relationships here...those relationships to blogdrive and the ones you all seem to have with each other. You guys are everywhere.

Also, don't tell Jollykay you killed any pirates. She won't like that.

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