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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Haunted Conspiracy of Mexican Employment? Part One.

Quote of the day: "Behind every great fortune there is a crime."- Honore de Balzac

     I don't remember why I was there, but I was at my local Wal-Mart to pick up a couple odds and ends. I came back out to my car to find that it had been broken into, although I didn't see anything missing. When you have a car like I had, the worst part about a break-in is not what could be stolen, but the damage it causes to actually get in. As I sat in my car taking a quick inventory, I looked up and saw another vehicle being broken into.

     It was being broken into by about three or four Mexicans, just next to their waiting, idling getaway vehicle. It was a large yellow schoolbus- full of Mexicans. The others were leaning out of the door of the schoolbus, and out of the windows, apparently keeping watch. I started honking my horn and yelling, and they jumped back on the bus and began to pull away.

     I started my car and gave chase. We pulled out onto the boulevard, and they were quite a few vehicles ahead of me. I was quickly weaving between cars, getting closer and closer, completely focused on the school bus. We made a few turns, and suddenly I had very little idea of where we were. We were leaving the city, the houses were spaced apart, and we pulled into the driveway of a large Colonial house.

     The driveway led around to the back of the house, and as i pulled around, I saw at least three times as many Mexican men working in and around some sort of mine/gravel pit. I was... confused, to say the least. There didn't seem to be anyone in charge, so I parked my (freshly broken into by these very guys) car and went up to the house.

     Answering the door was a large white man, balding, in denim overalls, and behind him, a (still large but slightly less so) man that looked to be nearly the same person. They didn't say anything at first, and I couldn't help but sneak a glance inside the house. There was a large wooden staircase, old pictures and such, and it seemed almost as if the doorway led to another era. There was something odd when I glanced upwards, though. An old woman, white-haired and properly dressed, peeked from the doorway, then ducked back in. I thought I'd also seen her reflection in a large, brass-trimmed mirror at the top of the stairs, but that seemed to have been impossible, given the angle...

to be continued...

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