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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Ghost Story!

Quote of the day: "No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."- Edmund Burke

     For Halloween this year I thought I would share a good old-fashioned ghost story. This is an absolutely true story of a night that I experienced in Yellow Springs, Ohio, at my buddy's place. This might be a kinda long entry, because it was a kinda long scary night.

     My buddy lived in an old schoolhouse that had been converted into a couple studio apartments, where he lived in an upstairs classroom. Hardwood floors, wall to wall blackboards, and he even had a view of the flagpole in front. The only other classroom converted to an apartment was directly below him, which at the time was inhabited by a couple vegan hippies (self-proclaimed).

     One of my favorite things about Yellow Springs is the hippies. It's such a peaceful place (though it has seen much unwanted expansion over the past few years), and my buddy and I were pretty well-known in town by regulars due to our travels from bar to bar, shop to shop, and also because he lived in the infamous haunted schoolhouse.

     The schoolhouse even looks haunted. It's a brick, single building, with a main stairway at the front entrance which is blocked off and unused, and a cement back stairway which lies next to the communal kitchen and bathrooms. The schoolhouse is actually in the town of Clifton, next to Yellow Springs, and a pretty safe small town. My buddy, however, had become quite anal and particular about locking his doors and windows, because he said that one night he came home, sure that everything had been locked up, and found a few windows wide open, and the flag out front flying upside-down.

     Now, my buddy did not believe in ghosts at the time, but everyone that ever went to his place was pretty sure of them after spending some time there. Here's my night.

     We'd been drinking that night, and had a pretty crazy night already. We got home around 4am or so, and we'd capped our night off with a trip to an all-night diner, and by the time we got home we were pretty close to sober. We got in the classroom and he locked the door behind us, because locking it is the only way to keep the door shut. I lied down on one of the many couches he had, and his little kitten Mr. the Frog, jumped up on my chest to sleep. Mr. the Frog had been with him for about two weeks, and was a tiny kitten. We aren't even sure where he came from, but one day he was there, so my buddy started feeding him. He left two days after this night.

     Now, the door that we came in is on the same wall as the other door to the room, which is always locked, and unused. This is because it leads to the main stairway, also unused, and it's kind of a bitch to get open and closed anyway. So, I'm laying on the couch, Mr. the Frog is on my chest, and we are just about to drift off when I hear the door creak open. I look at the door, and I watch it slowly close. I kinda turned my head around to look at my buddy's bed, and he was still in it. The sound of the door creaking open again makes me look back at it. I of course thought this was odd, and it had my heart pounding, but I figured it was just the wind from the stairway window or something.

     Then I thought back to definitely seeing my buddy lock it behind us, and I also thought about how I knew for certain that the stairway window wasn't open. It wasn't open, I remember, because I closed it before we left, because we thought it was gonna be quite a bit cooler out that night. So now I'm freaked out. I look at Mr. the Frog on my chest, and he (or she, I guess) is in a completely tense, ready to pounce or run or something position. I pet him to try to calm him (and myself) down, and I feel that the kitten is completely rock solid tense. This freaked me out even more, as I could feel every muscle tense beneath his little black coat. The door creaks closed again, and I am now sweating. I'm thinking about how people say animals have more of a perception of this kind of stuff, and if this cat is freaked out, I pretty much have no chance of staying calm.

     Suddenly, from behind the other door to the room, I hear what sounds like a small rubber ball being dropped from about waist-height, and bouncing until it comes to a natural stop. At the first bounce, I had been looking at Mr. the Frog, and I saw his little head jerk in the direction of the other door even before mine did. As I'm looking in the direction of the other door, the first door creaks open again. I'm pretty much panicked, and I call my buddy to wake up, and I ask him to shut the door. He asks me why, and I say "Because it's opening and shutting by itself."

     His reply, no shit, is this: "Oh, that's just the children playin'."

     So, he gets up and walks over to the door, takes his keys out of his pocket, and locks the door again. He gets back into bed, and he is snoring again in about 15 seconds. Then I hear the ball bouncing from behind the other door again, and when I look over at the door, there is a light on the other side of it, as I can see it from the crack under the door. I can't really accurately explain how freaked out I was right now, but I can tell you that I was freaked out even more when I heard the first door creak open. He just fucking locked it.

     So I look back at the first door, and by this time the cat has disappeared. I don't know where he went, but I'm guessing the closet, though I didn't even feel him get up. Now, my thoughts are turning irrational. I'm thinking that I am about to be attacked by ghosts or something. I was honestly thinking that I am going to disappear, and people are going to wonder what happened to me. I'm thinking about what I'll do when I start to really see shit... I know my buddy has a shotgun in the closet, but I don't know where he keeps the shells, and then I kinda mentally chastise myself because what the fuck is a shotgun gonna do to some ghosts?

     Then I hear something new. A set of small footsteps running up the main stairway, very quickly. I tell you with absolute honesty, not just all of this, but that I was more scared than I have been at any other moment in my whole life. I've been shot at, beaten, attacked with a knife, and I've drowned, and this is the most terrifying moment of my life. As I hear the first door creak shut, I look at it, then when I look back at the other door, the light is off. Over the next few minutes, I hear the ball bouncing one more time, and one more set of footsteps running up the stairs, intermittently with the opening and closing of the first door.

     This whole sequence was about forty-five minutes of terror, and I finally took action. I stood up, slowly walked over to the couch in front of the tv, and turned it on. I played Soul Caliber on Dreamcast until daylight, and I focused so hard on the television that when I finally looked away from it, about two and a half hours later, it actually made me a little dizzy. I figured that I'm just gonna try to distract myself from all this wild shit that's going on until daylight, because daylight just felt like it would be a safer time.

     When I looked back to the windows and saw that the sun was coming up, I looked at the first door, and saw that it was cracked open. I slowly walked over to it, opened it, and began walking down the stairs to the bathroom. I considered pissing out the window, but I was too scared to turn my back to the door. As I walked down the stairs, I confirmed that the window in that stairway was closed (yep), went down and peed, and came back up. I shut the door behind me as best I could, and lied down on the couch to fall asleep. I was so mentally and emotionally exhausted, I fell asleep pretty quickly.

     About three hours or so later, my buddy woke me up, bright and chipper as usual after a night of drinking. We kinda had a tradition of going to this place for breakfast the next day, and he was already dressed and ready to go. I sat up, sighed heavily, and debated even telling him about my terrifying night. The sun was out, it was a beautiful day, and I honestly felt a little ridiculous about how terrified I was just a few short hours ago. I said I'd be ready in a second, and put my socks and shoes on as I sat on the couch.

     Then he asked me something that pretty much brought me right back to just how scared I was, and made me decide to tell him about my horrible night. He asked me if I had gone out the second door last night for something (the one that is always locked, and the one that had the footsteps and bouncing balls behind it). I told him no, and I could barely choke out the word. He asked why I seemed so freaked out, so I told him the whole story.

     He did not at all remember getting up to lock the door when I asked him to, and had no idea why he said that it was just the children playing. I didn't feel much like eating, but I tried to shake it all off, and we went to breakfast.

     Now, I don't know if there is some rational explanation to all this or not, but it wasn't the last time I spent the night there. One night before we went out drinking, I had to run back up to the classroom to get my car keys, and I stopped before I left. I was alone in the room, and I started talking out loud to any ghosts or anything that might have been listening. I told them that I didn't mean them any harm or anything, and I know that this is their place and not mine, but to please not do that again, because of how scared I was.

     Nothing like this ever happened to me again, but something happened to my buddy that made him believe in ghosts. I'll tell that story another time, because this got way longer than I intended lol. I'm actually kinda freaked out right now just telling this, and I don't think I'm going to bed tonight.

     Happy Halloween!

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