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Entry: That's It! Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quote of the day: "People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest."- Hermann Hesse

     ***edit: I had it narrowed down to one of two people, and I wrote this kinda favoring one of them as a ploy to get the person to refute it. It worked and now I absolutely know who it is. I'm so freaking awesome. I should be a detective. Seriously folks, I'm fucking Batman***

     You may have noticed a little drama unfolding on my tagboard, which started when I posted about my daughters. This 'concerned parent' apparently took issue with my situation somehow, and felt the need to make directly insulting comments to Becky, the mother of my daughters, and indirectly insulting to my daughters, and to me. This 'concerned parent' is seemingly quite concerned with the development of my daughters, but that's not it at all.

     This 'concerned parent,' who could more accurately be described as 'obsessed coward,' is someone who has been absolutely mesmerized by my life, literally from the first second they were witness to it. They have been completely fascinated with me every step of the way, and my only mistake thus far has been to give in to their cravings for attention from me. The situation can be likened to that of a celebrity/stalker relationship on a smaller scale, and I've been the young starlet who, in giving in to the madness and trying to take action, has only encouraged this failure to feel that they have some sort of control in my life, by influencing some of my actions.

     The thing about ultimate cowardice is that it never eases control over the person in it's grasp. A coward will always be a coward, even when confronted. They somehow continue to see their actions as justified and appropriate, and if they cannot hide behind anonymity in distance, they will choose relative anonymity in technology, which actually affords little. This particular coward for some reason thinks the internet is this magical place where no one can tell who anyone is, and that any website can be visited and anything can be said. They've done this before and been confronted with it, and for a person that seems (and claims to be) intelligent, they have proven to be quite the opposite.

     They make claims of proxies and redirects, which are non-existant. They say things like "that's where it shows up," or "that's what I want you to think," in a thinly-veiled and lame attempt at misinformation, when clearly confronted with obvious knowledge of their presence and location. they continue to deny it. The most recent example shows in my baiting a small trap, which they fell for. See, I mentioned their location as Kettering, Ohio, which it is, but their IP actually comes out of Tiffin, Ohio, from the Road Runner hub. I've got lots more DNS and trace information, but it's really not necessary.

     I am now bored of this, and I've decided to have this last little rant about the topic, and that will be it. I will take the advice of men wiser than I, and "ignore and delete" will become par for the course. So I will make one final statement on it, and it is quite accurate with situations of the like in my case. I'm an intelligent man, and an honorable one, but not a perfect one. I am as prone to fits of rage and vengeance as surely as I am to other, more responsible things. This probably isn't over, but at least it is on Battle Ready. I'll be deleting tags, as I have just done. Enjoy!


October 5, 2007   08:01 PM PDT
Now knowing who it is makes the whole thing HILARIOUS!!! I can't believe she STILL hasn't got a life. Jeez.
October 5, 2007   02:38 AM PDT
Okay, so I skipped over that QOTD evidently...

and It just made me smile. Sheer brilliance.
October 5, 2007   12:38 AM PDT
I was lucky enough to see the proof. Talk about a plan working so perfectly! You should workout more plans in the bat cave from here on out... they seem to be working.

Ya dork.

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