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Entry: Haunted Conspiracy of Mexican Employment? Part Two. Friday, October 19, 2007

Quote of the day: "Last night I fell asleep in a satellite dish. My dreams were broadcast all over the world."- Stephen Wright

     ... continued from Wednesday

     P.S. I just did that thing where you press backspace, and for some reason your entire entry disappears, and now I am rewriting this. I am insane with anger. I will get the last laugh, however... read through and find out.

     ... "What?" The larger of the two men interrupted my brief inspection. He was not rude or friendly, but he didn't seem to be a man with patience to spare. I informed him that his employees had broken into my car, and I had chased them here. He replied in what could be the last response I could have expected. "That's what they do."

     "Wh... why?" I was confused by his response. So confused, in fact, that I cannot remember in the slightest what his reply was. I remember only that it was obviously a source of tension between him and who I assumed was his brother. Apparently they invited me in, because suddenly we were at the top of the stairs, and as they were slowly devolving our conversation into a debate between each other, I stared at a painting. They spoke of a family business in chaos, a dispute in the dying wishes of their mother, and the employees that were sent out to break into vehicles. The original act that brought me here, my car being broken into, no longer seemed important as I thought of the woman I had just seen duck into another room, and I stared at a painting.

     A brass-framed painting of an old woman, white-haired and properly dressed. "That's mother," the smaller proclaimed. It made me a little uncomfortable that I could have sworn that this was a mirror about two minutes ago, but what made it worse was the expression on the woman's face. She had this piercing, satisfied glare- as if that at the time of the painting, she had known the exact situation that her painting would most make someone uneasy, and she fashioned her expression accordingly. It also made me uncomfortable to notice for the first time an ornate brass chandelier that matched the painting, hanging inches over the larger brother's head, and other paintings on the walls I had not noticed.

     It was a little more than discomfort that I felt when I glanced at my startled reflection in a brass-trimmed mirror at the top of the stairs, and I made the mistake of looking to the denim-clad brothers for explanation.

     "Yeah," said the smaller brother, "and there's that."

to be continued...


October 19, 2007   10:25 PM PDT
Very twilight zone, in a good way. I like it muchly.
October 19, 2007   08:10 PM PDT
lol And you do it again. Do you know the ending already or are you making this up while we read it?

oh and I like that quote. This one stands out to me.
J f Z
October 19, 2007   12:48 PM PDT
[backspace] so sucks. I [save draft] like a squirrel now.
October 19, 2007   12:36 PM PDT

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