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Entry: On the Boston Marathon Bombing. Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quote of the day: "..."- Everyone

     I'm sorry if this comes off as insensitive but... actually, I'm not sorry if it comes off as insensitive. You know why? Because it's not insensitive.

     Anyway, aside from the outrage that someone would have done such a thing, and aside from feelings of compassion and empathy for those killed, injured, or connected to those that were...

     How the fuck did this happen?

Depending on how long you've known me or read this blog, you may know that I was a military policeman, and that during two armed conflicts, my responsibility was securing the air base I where I was through searching every person, object, and vehicle entering the installation, and even a varying percentage of those leaving. The first time was in Saudi Arabia, and that was as a young troop still learning the ropes of explosives ordinance detection (and security/policework in general).

     The next time was as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC- a military acronym and official title) of the Search Division which I had to go through proper channels to establish. There was a search pit, manned by temporary and untrained troops, and I used my experience, training, and resources (and personal connections) to organize, train, and enhance the protection of the base. There was a clear need. Someone needed to be in charge there that knew how to be in charge, knew how to find explosives, and more importantly, knew how to direct others to accomplish the same mission. Under my direct supervision were about 12 Air Force members (that I trained, interviewed, and hired myself), about 10 contracted interpreter/linguist/escorts of various nationalities, and a rotating post of a Military Working Dog. The dog, by far, was the most important part of this entire process.

     Where once I would have brought all this up as a thinly-veiled attempt to generate self-worth, respect and/or admiration, I currently bring this up to show you that I am literally an expert in what I'm about to say. I could testify in court as an expert witness and get someone convicted. That said:

     How the fuck did this happen?

I have witnessed, in person, explosive-detection dogs smell from across the street the residue of explosives removed hours before. "Working dog" is a misnomer, as well. These dogs aren't working, they're playing a highly-motivated and organized game of "if you smell this, you'll get a treat." They are more likely to falsely "alert" (basically, "HERE IT IS!!!"), rather than miss ANYTHING. The residue that the dog smelled? A bullet. The dog smelled a bullet that had been in the trunk earlier that day. And they can all do that. It stands to reason that "duffel bags" full of "homemade explosives" would be perhaps the easiest thing in the world for a working dog to identify.

     I have witnessed, in person and in official capacity, threat assessments that have clearly shown that the Boston Marathon was either the second or third top-targeted sporting event for terrorism. This has been the case since long before 9/11, and has not changed since. The Super Bowl is widely considered the top target, but due to the venue, many experts believed the Boston Marathon was the ultimate goal for sporting event American terrorism.

     Now, I'm not saying that this was terrorism, because I don't know and neither do you. The government doesn't yet know, the authorities don't yet know; the only person(s) that know whether or not this is terrorism is/are the parties responsible. You may have noticed my post on Facebook about the definition of terrorism. It is defined by its systematic nature of coercion. If this was just some homicidal lunatic, even if he was mad at America, it's not terrorism. The terrorism that is currently taking place with regards to this tragedy is being carried out by the authorities and the media, because they are spreading fear through coercion by telling you things that they know aren't true in order to coerce you into acting a certain way. Scared. You may (not) have noticed how swiftly, secretly and effectively Congress moved on the day of the attack to change federal law that's only purpose was to make it easier to catch insider trading among congressman. Let that sink in; it'll be more prominent in a different post.

     So, at the finish line of one of the most prestigious terrorist targets in the world, in the nation most hated by the rest of the world (and its terrorists); in the nation that has by orders of magnitude the highest number of the most effective explosive-detection tools available (K-9); a nation that was and is in a state of hypervigilance against terrorism and related events, where you have to take your shoes off to board a plane and you'd better not have toothpaste in your carry-on...

     How the fuck did this happen?


April 21, 2013   07:32 PM PDT
Thanks wail, happy to hear from you :) Trying to get back into blogging and writing, hope to see and hear from you!
April 21, 2013   10:51 AM PDT
It's nice to see you're still blogging! Very refreshing to read something level-headed after the last week of crazy happenings in the States.

Take care! Will try to check back again soon - seems there's a lot to catch up on. =)

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